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I found this pics in Baidu, I though it was from Honjani and even when I don't have all of the 2006 honjanis I'm not sure which show is it from... since I haven't heard anyone talking about it ^^U
Yasu has glasses so I guess it was aroud the time of his surgery maybe? And Baru's perm hair.... Please I really wanna find this show:

user posted image
user posted image
user posted image
user posted image

Pleaaasseeee.... there's got to be someone who knows where this screencaps are from... a honjani? Suka-J??? narutomo??? kyaaaaa.... *desperate

[Edit] Thanks everyone for your help ^^ Downloading it now.... about Yasu's surgery for those who don't know

Yasu did have to go through eye-surgery!! Not plastic >_<... lasik eye surgery becuz he was basicaly blind without his glasses or contacts ^^
It seems one of the requirements for lasik is that he cannot wear contacts for 1 month prior to the surgery. He said so in one of his diaries entries!! a few days after the surgery ^_^
He was so cute and happy about the surgery. One of his comments was that he felt so free being able to see everything so clearly with his naked eye and he said that people with perfect eyes will never understand how wonderful this surgery is for people who need it.
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