C-Dragon (BLING BLING like L E D) (darlita) wrote in kanjani8,
C-Dragon (BLING BLING like L E D)

Looking for ...

Remember how there used to be a ton of JE clips on YouTube before the big swipe? Well, I am missing three clips of Ryo in particular:

  • Ryo applying sunscreen to some chick on the beach
  • Ryo failing at catching fish out of a tank (with banba girls) July 12, 2005!
  • Ryo being hentai & choosing a pikachu dressed banba girl (out of several?)

I'd be eternally grateful if anyone has them or even if you could just tell me what show/episode it was from! I've been looking for these clips for month, but I just can't find them!

Any help would be greatly appreciated ♥

ETA: Also, does anyone know what episode of mugendai no gimon this was? July 12 2005!
Tags: requests

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