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Edit:Download links for Mucha Buri + Preview Mucha-buri (3rdApril2007) on YT

I lurked YT after 4820,34832 days and I found this. 

EDIT : Mucha-buri (3rdApril2007) is ready for download at CB Ooyamada & GoGoBox ryosbox and orzrp 

EDIT2 : Also in WindJP CB and for other servers stepbackwards posted it here (is a post under eden) edenEDEN

EDIT3 : For  HQ quality , go here http://down.gogobox.com.tw/orzrp/ah92 
               and  Maru's section in Tsuukai Everyday is up in GoGoBox too. here http://down.gogobox.com.tw/orzrp/gu82

Credits : Ooyamada CB and GoGoBox ryosbox + orzrp and all the wonderful ppl who provided the info
               : Thanks to idorizu for the gogoBox links

I bet someone will upload this later (hopefully in good quality) but in the mean time. 

Haven't finish watch it yet. Just a skimmed through the first few seconds. Hina Baru fans = must see. YEH!

Tags: tv: muchaburi

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