❝everybody in a party❞ (flufy_umbreon) wrote in kanjani8,
❝everybody in a party❞

{ Fanfic } OhYass

Title; Solace
Pairing; OhYass
Rating; PG
Genre; Fluff?
Disclaimer; If I owned OhYass.. I'd be arrested cos it's illegal to own people in my country 8D I'd be a rich old man. But I'm not. That's a good thing.. right? =X
Notes; I wanted to try to write another OhYass. Because my last one was a mindfuck spin off and as much as I love Bogeyman!Ohkura I wanted to write human!Ohkura too. So I hope I didn't mess up with them too much since I have like.. no experience with them at all >__<

He was just trying to scare you.
Tags: fanwork: fanfiction

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