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Subaru Shibutani

Part I: The Hospital Bed
Rating: Some use of language
Genre’: unknown
Author: Laura ~Japan_Qaf
Characters: Subaru Shibutani, Johnny-San
Notes:This is my first fanfic EVER!! I hope you enjoy it and be kind! ^_^ arigatou!
Summary: This is about Subaru's rebellious days!

"You look like shit." Johnny said to me as he stormed in. Always glad to see you too. He threw down a tabloid magazine

 on my lap. The headlines read: Johnny's Junior Out of Control! I had to smile. I’ve made the headlines pa!

    “Why are you smiling?” he came closer to my bed.

    “I’m fine Johnny-San. Thanks for asking.” I looked up at him. He looked at me, it seems for the first time I laid there. He
 blinked at me twice and suddenly he turned red.

    “You’ve got some nerves Shibutani!” he steamed.

    “You want me to feel sorry for you?!” he didn’t want a response so I just laid there. “What do you want? What do you want Shibutani?”

     I didn’t look at him but, instead out the window. The Cherry-blossom trees bloomed. I would like to smell them again. Four boys playing soccer or just kicking the ball around were laughing. They were really laughing. I haven’t genially laughed or even genially smiled. I thought for an answer to his question. As much as I tried, I kept coming across to one.
    “I want you to fire me Johnny-San.” I still did not look at him but I heard him fidgeting on my right side.

    “You are joking!” he waited for me to laugh and say, Joking, Johnny-San! You know me! I didn’t. I remained silent. This disturbed him because he practically jumped on me. He grabbed my hospital gown in his fists and forced me to look at him.

    “ You won’t quit! Do you understand? I won’t fire you either! You pull this crap again, Shibutani, I won’t be able to hold off the agency’s officials!” he yelled,

    “They hate you! The only reason you’re still here is me. I’m the reason why you are known in Tokyo and Osaka!” he looked down at the tabloid magazine and his grip tightened and then he quickly released me.

    “You have done so much Shibutani.” he shook his head, “I’ve let you get off way too easy” he paused, took a breath, “because I believe you are a great talent. I had to punish Takizawa for smoking!” Now I was angry, after all, I didn’t ask to be favored.

    “Then punish me! Johnny-San, FIRE ME! Send me back to Osaka, beat me up even! I don’t give a damn anymore!” I yelled at the top of my lungs, or so it felt. Johnny narrowed his eyes at me.

    “You don’t know how lucky you are, Subaru.” He said softly, and stood back. He opened the door and stood in front of it. “Straighten up.” then he was gone.

    “I’ll do what I want Johnny!” he was probably gone but I yelled it out anyway. I looked down at the magazine and read:

Sources say, “It’s attempt suicide.”

I threw the magazine across the room.

Tags: fanwork: fanfiction

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