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12 April 2007 @ 11:02 pm
[fic] The Fun With Belts  

Title: The Fun With Belts
Pairing: Ryokura
Rating: NC-17
Genre: Pure smut and PWP, with some fluffy too
Disclaimer: Nothing to say except that I know I’m not the only one who wishes that some people were more than just “friends”
Summary: Naughty Ryo needs some satisfaction, but Ohkura wants to have some fun first. You don't have to read part 1, 'Belts,' to understand, this can definitely stand alone.
A/N: Here’s the continuation of smut I told Kimi about so it's dedicated to her,  kyotoroxies , sorry that i posted it a lot later than what i told you but i got stuck babysitting, and anti_sociality since the original fic was for her and I can't wait for her to come back on MSN.

‘Yup,’ he thought, ‘this is definitely worth it.’

cross posted, sorry.

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