Teppen Mezase! (teppen_mezase) wrote in kanjani8,
Teppen Mezase!

Some Kanjani8 stuff for sale!

Hi there~~~

New stuff on sale in my journal teppen_mezase. (n_n)
It'll probably be my last batch for awhile because I'm not sure I can part with much more. Haha. (n_n;;)

Currently on sale:

- 2006-2007 Countdown Yasuda Uchiwa
- 2006-2007 Countdown Ohkura Uchiwa
- 2006 Kanjani Concert Ohkura Uchiwa
- 2007 Kanjani Concert Ohkura Uchiwa
- 2007 Kanjani Con Ryo Uchiwa + Ryo Shop Pics

There's also...
- NEWSnowCon Pamphlet + Bag
- Happy NEWS Year 2006 Pamphlet + YamaPi Shop Pics
- SUMMARY 2005 Tegoshi Uchiwa
- Happy NEWS Year 2006 Tegoshi Uchiwa
- 2006-2007 Countdown Concert Tegoshi Uchiwa
- 2006-2007 Countdown Koyama Uchiwa
- 2006-2007 Countdown Kame Uchiwa

Please feel free to browse through my journal because each item is in a separate entry. (n_n;;) Joint shipping is available!

Anyway, please take a look, and if you do have any questions, please feel free to ask! (n_n)

I read a previous post about uchiwas on sale not getting there in condition, but please rest assured I'll do my best to get it to you in the condition you see in the pictures.

You can go straight to the items by clicking on the links above or you can just browse my journal. (n_n)

I hope the communities are all right with this. I'm sorry for cross-posting as well. I hope it's not been too much of an inconvenience for everyone! m(__)m

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