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 Title: Part II: The Press Conference
Author: Laura ~ Japan_qaf
Genre: Unknown
Characters: Subaru, Tackey, Tsubasa, Johnny(sometimes called Kitagawa), (Nino has a small part), Johnny, Domoto Koichi. And in general TOKYO juniors and seniors. OH and a made up guy named Mr. Tanaka(not Koki heh).
Summery: Series of Subaru’s rebellious days ^.^
Disclaimer: OK I don’t hate Tackey(at all!) nor do I hate Tsubasa.  They do not get on my nerves. And Domoto Koichi is most likely not this way, all I know is that Subaru pissed him off a lot Ha hahahahaha!

“How do you feel about making the movie Shibutani?”
“Did you think it would be this controversial?”
“Is it true that you were still injured when making this film?”

I want to fade.

“Did Mr. Kitagawa want you to quit the film?”
“How is the agency taking this?”

I want to fade. I cleared my throat.
    “I’m not allowed to speak for the agency.”
    “Shibutani! Shibutani! Did you want to kill yourself? Is that why you got into the accident?”
    “Uh-no I did not-”
    “You got into an argument with Johnny-san, is that correct?”
    “No comment.” flash bulbs everywhere. Lights, so many bright lights blinding me.
    “I hear that the agency won’t back you up with this film. Is it true?”
    “I cannot speak for the agency. I’m sorry.” can we go now? I shot a glance at the movie producer and director. They did not look ready.
    “Shibutani?” My eyes were closed. I hadn’t realized. “Shibutani? Did you want to commit suicide?” This was a movie conference! When did it become talk-about-Subaru’s-personal-life conference? I looked at the reporter who asked me the same question twice. She wore a sad look on her face.


    “Subaru!” an angry voice boomed when I walked into the JE Dance Studio.
    “What is it now?” I was too tired to deal with anybody.
    “I am your Senior! You do not speak to me like that!” Domoto Kiochi yelled. I walked away from him. I had enough of his diva-ish ways. Though I made it clear not to be bothered, he followed me; yelling at me from behind.
    “You are in trouble Subaru! Everyone has a complaint about you!” he yelled.
    “Great, I’m popular.” I kept on walking.
    “Don’t think you’ll be praised around here for that movie! Do you realize what you’ve done to our image?” Kiochi screamed.
    I reached the locker room and threw my duffle bag on the floor. Takizawa stepped over it concededly. He looked a little annoyed and maybe I shouldn’t of bothered him-too much.
    “Takizawa, heard you were on punishment for two weeks. You were caught smoking?” I laughed. He didn’t respond, he yanked open his locker.
    “Leave him alone Subaru.” Tsubasa said softly.
    “I’ve told you, you need to be clever, Tackey”,  I ignored Tsubasa.
    “Subaru.” Tsubasa said again. This he annoyed me-like always. Tsubasa seemed like Tackey’s assistant, always following him around.
    “Calm down Tsubasa, I won’t hurt your princess.” I said. This pissed Tackey off, he slammed me to the locker.
    “Just a typical Kansai, aren’t you Subaru!” he yelled so loud that the other Juniors came to see what the noise was about. “loud mouth trash is what you are! So shut the fuck up!” Tsubasa tried to pull him away, telling him it wasn’t worth getting another punishment. I’ll make it worth his while. I swung-and punched Takey right on his lip. Faster foot steps rushed toward us.
    “Its okay Takey. Its okay, just a cut on your lip.” Tsubasa picked Takey up.
    “Get off of me!” he pushed Tsubasa off and he fell against another locker.
    “C’mon Tsu-chan. You’re gonna let him do that to you?” I taunted. As mush as I tried, I couldn’t keep my mouth shut.
    “Just stop Subaru!” Tsubasa screams. I would have stopped, because something in his voice made me want to shut up. But, I was falling on the floor by the time I realized what happened. I was struck right on the corner of my mouth.
    “Tsubasa go get me ice!” I heard Tackey yell. But the time he came back, we were fighting out our problems on the floor. I heard everyone yell,
    “FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT!” then they stopped. It grew quiet, right when I had a hold on Takey’s shirt. One fist stopped midair. Everyone stood still.
    “Now he’s done it.” everyone snickered around me. They were all looking at my fist. I let go of Tackey and noticed my light jacket on the floor.
    “I thought that was for the movie.” Nino said.
    “I bet Johnny doesn’t know about this.” Kiochi said disgustingly.
    “What a joke.” Tackey said after getting up. “You’re going to get it this time Subaru” he walked to the door with his butt-kisser trailing behind, “I’ll make sure of it.” then he was gone.

“Shibutani! Shibutani Subaru.” the receptionist called out. She looked only a few years older. I stood up and walked over to her, “He’ll see you now.” she smiled. I nodded, the only thing I could do.
    I knew where the office was I’ve been here about four times already(an ultimate record for a Junior). I walked past the familiar smell of wood finishing. Doors began to get bigger as the hall stretched. The further the office was, the person is(and I was on the top floor). I came to a stop when I was in front of double doors. It was huge. The door knob was cold, and even when I wanted to leave, I knew I had to go in. Johnny-san sat on a black leather chair. He waited patiently without a smile.
    “Have a seat.” he said sternly. I took a seat. “Do you know who visited me today?” I had no idea. “Takizawa Hideaki. Know what he told me?” he asked. I grinned.
    “That you’re a great guy Johnny-san.” this made him smile a little, but it was tainted with some sort of sadness.
    “Just what you would say.” he looked graver now. This puzzled me. I thought Johnny would be biting my head off right now.
    “Your press conference angered the agency officials. They did not want you to release that film.”
    “Well, no use crying over the past.” I said.
    “Mr. Tanaka will be coming shortly.”
    Shit! Tanaka is an asshole I fought with a couple of times. He is head of the JE agency(besides Johnny himself) and he wanted to get rid of me. Just then the door opened revealing a tall, sullen man.
    “Shibutani, I’m here to discuss with you, your violations of terms.” Ah, the tattoo.
    “Yes sir.” I said.
    “We, Mr. Kitagawa and I, decided what punishment was appropriate” he pause for dramatic effect. “We decided, for all you’ve done, the disrespectful manner you choose to keep, the movie, your accident, smoking, and your latest offence” he cleared his throat, “the tattoo-”
    “We are sending you back to Osaka.” Johnny-san cut in. I guess it should of hit me like a ton of bricks, but honestly, I felt like a ton of bricks has been lifted off of me.
    “Okay.” was all I had to say. I wanted this.
    “Okay?” Mr. Tanaka repeated.
    “For a while Subaru. You’ll come back to Tokyo.” Johnny said, looking guilty. I nodded.
    A VACATION! -at least, that’s what I thought!

Tags: fanwork: fanfiction

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