Lawi (lawi_chan) wrote in kanjani8,

Honjani will end... new show is comming...

No I'm not happy with the news.... but I started a thread in ES for pure curiosity and it ended up being true....
Honjani will end, and on may 2 will start the new show called "JANI-BEN" where K8 is going to brush up their "talking" skills.... I wont say more cuz paaaaanwill surely give you more info about this, who actually did the research.... as for me... or my complains.... they don't care anyone T^T

[Edit] I forgot to mention "JANI-BEN" will start on May 2; same time as Honjani on Wednesdays.
Ok to give you more info about it or random news:
actually all these about the ending of honjani has been for a while now... I started a thread on march 29, after my dear friend, ttxryo_nic,  thought the world cup ep was the last episode... little by little the thread had more and more info about it... paaaaan also said that in the lastest honjani, the one with ZOM perf and the KJ medley, after the show ended, they told the audience about some changes that will happen in the near future, of course the girls were suppose to not say anything about it and deleted all info the girls putted on their sites, paaaaancould see them just b4 being deleted. ^^U.... I think that's all the info there is hehe oh and long ago cattness also found this: 
And these are the exact words from paaaaanabout the show:

The NEW SHOW is called "JANI-BEN" where K8 is going to brush up their "talking" skills, I guess. It will start on May 2; same time as Honjani on Wednesdays. It is from a Japanese message board which got the info from the morning papers. I guess there is a Junior segment every week as well... which means less minutes for our boys? :( I don't understand why they had to do this right after they made a big deal out of the 200th episode! Oh well...

All these info was taken for a thread in Eight-Sin
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