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[downloads] K8 pictures folder

I'm such a bad fan. :P I'm dropping K8, or for at least temporarily.... Then I'm clearing the HD of all the K8 stuff. I'll probably be uploading a bunch of stuff that gets deleted, in case I decide to come back. :P haha. For now, hope these go to better fans than me. :Dv

So the picture folder is kind of unorganized and strangely too. :P.
ah. DLs are split up by member and year, so you can skip the stuff you're not interested in, or have a lot of already. XD
oh. Ryo and Uchi's 'NEWS maybe' are just solo shots, but I think they're part of a NEWS set? I dunno if people wanted just the K8-related and not NEWS-related....
whoops. I'm missing the official, I'm missing the TV stuff too. and the cross group. and Dream Boys. and drama... Haikei and all Ryo's. lol. failure. :P

Scans from Vendy, Hadaka, boys_paper, and various other places.
Total is 1,809 files in 123 folders, about ~1.3GB

K8 [VWest], [2002], [2003], [2004], [2005], [2006, part 2], [2007, part 2]
Ryo [1999-2007], [NEWS maybe]
Uchi [2002-2005], [NEWS maybe]
Ohkura [2004-2007]
Yoko [2003, 2005-2007]
Yassu [2003, 2005-2007]
Maru [2005-2007]
Hina [2000, 2006-2007]
Subaru [1999, 2001, 2003, 2005-2007]
pairs+trios [RyoUchi], [OhYass], [everything else]
cd: [Kanfuu Fighting, Kansha ni 8, KJ1 FTO, Oosaka Obachan Rock, Oosaka Rainy Blues, Zukko Otokomichi, Sukiyanen Oosaka]
misc booklet+good [Oosaka Dome, calendar, Excite]

hahaha... Realized I have too many random files floating around my computer....
Tags: scans

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