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[Added Info] NEW ALBUM title is..... KJ2....Z....

Zukkoke Daidassou (ズッコケ大脱走) = Zukkoke THE GREAT ESCAPE

(Notice the silhouette image?? From that cosplay thing in the Sukkiri VTR...)

Image = Credit goes to the person who posted this pic on mixi. I hope it is okay that I saved it and posted it here... According to her, it was on one of the sides of their tour bus, which was parked in Yokohama.

Also, this tour's logo:

Credit = Same person.

RUMOR says, the album will be out on June 6th, but it's just a RUMOR. Please don't go crazy and tell the whole world. Also, RUMOR says that there is going to be three versions of the album. First edition A and B and a regular edition.

Okay, this is too specific to be a rumor, eh? I guess people get information from CD shops...

6/6 ON SALE!

Zukkoke Daidassou

3 versions, 2-discs

1st) Limited Edition A, 3,500 yen
- Each member solo song
- Short movie DVD (I'm assuming this is the cosplay fairy tale thing)
- Toll? Tole? Toru? I don't know what it is but I guess it's some kind of a case.

2nd) Limited Edition B, 3,500 yen
- Bonus track (Session: Itsuka, mata...)
- Trading cards 7 versions

3rd) Regular Edition, 3,200 yen

Sooooo, if you were to buy all three editions (which I'm afraid I'd be doing, haha yes falling into the JE trap!) it'll be 10,200 yen. JOY.

I guess they're going to officially announce it on May 4th or something, so let's just wait and see :-) 

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