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30 April 2007 @ 03:33 pm
[Translation] April 28, 2007 Kikujani (Subaru, Yasu, Ryo, Ohkura)  
Hi everyone! I haven't been able to translate anything AT ALL these days (just some random news stories every now and then) but since I am on a 9-day Golden Week holiday break (yay!) I decided to share the most recent Kikujani episode with you. It was probably one of the best episodes I have ever listened to. It was very heart-warming, funny, and sweet! You can really tell that they're very good friends and not just a co-worker. They have grown up together and will keep on growing up together.

This is mighty long (LJ just told me it was too long to post so I have to divide it into a few parts) but it's only in the 30-minute segment. It means that they 1) talk real fast and 2) talk all at once. So, I'm sure I'll be missing words here and there (plus my radio reception wasn't at its best at some parts) but I really wanted to share this. So, enjoy!

Preview: A) The three O-gatans attack Shota (in a good, fun fashion, of course); B) Subaru gets jealous over a recent OhYass date; C) Ryo talks about his imaginary date with Subaru, etc.

Part 1:  http://paaaaan.livejournal.com/17891.html

Part 2:  http://paaaaan.livejournal.com/18110.html

Part 3:  http://paaaaan.livejournal.com/18407.html