ash (ashkt) wrote in kanjani8,

Urajani & Honjani Clips

Uploaded some episodes of Urajani & Honjani. Not a lot but well, I think they're harder to find, considering how old they are.

Urajani #14 - 040706 - Hypnosis (The one in which Yoko is hypnotised to like Ohkura)
Honjani #125 - 050927 - Fishing Part 2 - In which Eito (minus RyoUchi) foodgasm & goes for onsen
Urajani #048 - 20050315 - Paparazzi (Eito minus Hina try to evade the paps, chinese-subbed)
And lastly Ryo's perf of Mihari in SC 051120

screencaps & links
Tags: tv: classics, tv: honjani!

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