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Hi! Lurker here, first time posting. ^^;

I've been reeeeaally bored for the past few days (weeks, actually) and have resorted to re-watching some of my old jyannis downloads. So, anyway, I ended up on a Ya-Ya-Yah marathon (among others) and uploaded some episodes with K8 members on them (I was surprised to check back here and find someone had also planned on doing this and posted a list of all eps with K8 as guests! XD Guess I don't have to sift through every ep for K8 now...:P)

Anyway, I've only just uploaded a few...I hope you guys don't mind.

Please check these links as I only uploaded them via upload manager and they uploaded really quickly so naturally, I am suspicious. ^^; Tell me if anything doesn't work. ^^V


[Please note that these are the full episodes because every so often, they'd show the judges and Hina so it would've been tiring and troublesome to cut out the K8 parts. You'll just have to do the forwarding if you really just want K8. ^^; Some of the skits were hilarious, though but some made me cringe. :P]

2003.08.17 Comedy Competition Part 1 [LINKS ARE UP!!! It literally took me days to upload because MU kept giving me an upload speed of 1.5 kb/s. TT^TT Sorry for the delay~]
Part 1
Part 2

*Please join with HJSplit, sorry for the hassle! I had to break it down into parts so MU would cut me some slack and actually upload it. D:

Featuring (yes, I typed this on Notepad as I watched XD Apparently, I've been meaning to do this since Saturday, April 21, 2007, 12:38:19 AM XDDD):

Hina as (surprise surprise!) the host
Ryo, Uchi and Baru (and little Moriuchi) as the judges

K8 Highlights:
Hina hits little kouhai, too! XD
Hina gets called "not beautiful at all (zenzen utsukushikuna~i! XD)." BWAHAHA!
Lion hair!Ryo

K8 takes the Live Stage:
Feat. Ryo, Uchi, Hina, Baru performing :
1. Long Train Running
2. All of Me for You
...after which everyone gets a compliment BUT Hina. XP ILU ♥~
...they also join in when Ya-Ya-Yah sing "Stompin'" XD

To make up for (and to distract from)  the delay, I bring you screencaps (If the pictures are small, just click on them to enlarge ^^;)!

The Judges

Hina being host...again. XD

Why the face, Hina?

Because Ayukawa Taiyou is mocking his singing, that's why. :P

As a result? Tsukkomi. XD

2003.08.24 Comedy Competition Part 2 [LINKS ARE FINALLY UP!!! Sorry for the delay! TT^TT]
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

*Again, please join using HJSplit. ^^


Hina getting possessive over his mic. XD
Hina FINALLY being called cute. XD
Subaru telling Yamashita Shoon, "This is a comedy competition, right? It (Shoon's comedy skit) was really cool, but it wasn't funny at all." LOL. Poor Shoon, but shuzzah for Subaru's brutal frankness honesty. XD
Grumpy!Ryo...again. XD What's new? :P

Hmmm...is it just me or is it only Hina (here) who seems comfortable with the Tokyo juniors? ^^; On all K8 guestings on Ya3, the only ones I saw being comfy enough around the Tokyo people are Hina, Tacchon and Yoko...and possibly Yasu, but I can't remember. :P


Tackey + Tsubasa + Subaru - Kimi Dake ni
Johnny's Junior - Be A Man + Shelter


I noticed that someone had already previously uploaded this, but since I'd already uploaded it and I don't want the link to go to waste (plus I saw that it was uploaded onto sendspace), if anyone wants it, here you go:
Yarisugi Kouji 2007.04.28 - Baru + Yoko (MU)


Ya-Ya-Yah 2006.03.12 LIVE STAGE - Osaka Rainy Blues
The quality isn't good, if I remember correctly (too lazy to check back), but any K8 video is a K8 video, right? :D

I'm currently uploading the 2006.04.02 Live Stage where Yoko and Ohkura come over to talk about the Takizawa Enbujou and THE SEX GOD Ohkura does what he does best...aside from eating. XD He uses the same tom-tom as he used in Dream Boys 2006...the white Yamaha one? :D /random

EDIT AGAIN: Done uploading! Get it here.


Anyone curious as to whatever happened to the Yokoyama-kai? XD Wanna know if Nino and Aiba actually want to join? LOL!

Well, soon after K8 guested on Heyx3, Arashi did, too and the Downtown, naturally, asked them if they wanted to join. XD

(Warning? Er...44..43? screencaps all in all ^^; If anyone wants the video, I can upload it...but...it might take awhile plus I'll have to ask first if I can redistro it because it's subbed. Ehe~)

(I can't, for the life of me remember which one is Hamada and which one is Matsumoto...anyway, the guy on the right has this font color while the one on the left has this font color in this video.)

Anyway, to explain the whole "Yokoyama Group" issue, they show a VTR of K8's Heyx3 guesting (Yoko's lines are in green, while Hina's are in kinda-yellow...just so there's no confusion XD):

END VTR and back to Arashi and Downtown on the set:

(In this series of caps, Nino's lines are in kinda-yellow, while Aiba's are in green.)

HAHA! And there you have it...sorry, Yuuchin, but Nino and Aiba say no. :P Happy birthday, though? XD

...I gotta hand it to Yoko, though...I didn't think he was actually really serious about the Yokoyama Kai thing! LMAO! XDDD

Also, don't you just love it when you get proof that Jyannis talk to other Jyannis outside of work and are actually close enough that they randomly call each other to eat out together? ♥


Random sidenote. Eeeeeeee~! You know what's cool about that clip that showed the eito new solos in concert? 1. Tacchon played the cajón (I had to research what it's called in the western world because I only know its Tagalog equivalent, kahon...ironically, it really is called cajón/kahon. *smacks self*) or box drum/percussion box.whatever you guys wanna call it. /drum dork   2. Tacchon's "love confession" in the rangers skit? Something like, "Oh, it's an angel without wings!" XDDDD WIN.♥  3. Tacchon writing out (spelling out in air) Mamoritai (his song's title) with his finger. *melts*
...biased much? :P
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