zaq (zaq_in_chill) wrote in kanjani8,

Fan Girl Obsessed with Kanjani8's Success

It's May 3 already... The start of our boy's 47 prefecture tour... they are doing the 1st show right now as i type and i can't help but spazz!!!! OH MY GOSH!!! wonder how is it going.... what is up with their RPG thing, how their Con Goods look like, will they preform new songs, will the Okans and Eito Ranger show up, what solos will they do and so many other questions that will be answered in just a few hours time...

To think that they will be doing this stuff for the next four months, i wonder how will they mange having two shows a day, their regular shows, album promo in June, TV guestings and their other projects...

I was looking at their concert schedule in Johnnys net and decided to plot out their concert sked just to get a good picture on how busy they will be for the months to come and i want to share it with you guys,,,,


Just look at August... and this is like 2 shows per day plus the travel between prefectures.... all i can say is...

I know you boys can make it the best show ever each performance...
Tags: !: information, concert

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