Fizzing Jizz (fizzjizz) wrote in kanjani8,
Fizzing Jizz


i hope this is allowed since it is kanjani based. ^^*
my friend has a bunch of kanjani cell phone straps she is selling.
they are really cute.
please click on the LJ cut to see them.

the quality isn't as bad as it looks. it's just that i took pictures way up close.
if you see it in real life it's sparkly and looks a lot clearer.
but in the picture the sparkly parts reflect off the flash which is why it looks like crap.

1. Email
2. Include your SHIPPING ADDRESS
3. Your payment method (paypal, concealed USD cash)
4. Your order
5. If you are sending through paypal, please include your name, address, order, in the notes section

PLEASE BE AWARE . . . if you live in the US shipping will be free, unless you order more than 2 and then it's $0.50. If you live in NORTH AMERICA/SOUTH AMERICA, it is $1.00 more, if you live in EUROPE it is $1.50, if you live in ASIA/AUSTRALIA then it will be $2.00. Everything must be in USD!

If you are using PAYPAL they take away a $1 for every $10 sent, so please include this into the total. Thank you!

KANJANI 01 - $7.00USD

KANJANI 02 - $7.00USD

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