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[ficlet] Subassan – A Place In Your Heart…

Title: A Place In Your Heart…
Author: eitoai

Fandom: Kanjani8

Pairing: Subassan (could be YasuBaru too, who knows?), a hint of OhkuraRyo
Rating: PG

Genre: Angst?
Summary: Yasuda always knew what Subaru was thinking or could be thinking, but he wondered why Subaru kept running away recently. And it had become harder and harder for him…

Note: My first JE fic, and what better way to start it than with my favourite OTP. Not my first fanfic ever though, stopped writing a couple of years ago, then suddenly realized that this fandom needs more love so I thought, maybe I should try writing again. This is somewhat based on a broken past of one and the tender heart of the other. Hopefully I did them justice. By the way, I intended this to be a oneshot, but if you think that you want a continuation, just let me know…

(A Place In Your Heart...)

Tags: fanwork: fanfiction

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