Lene (samuraiblues) wrote in kanjani8,

[birthday post] Ohkura Tadayoshi

Just a mini picspam. No fake cut :P Happy Birthday to Tadakura ♥♥♥

.GIF heaving D:

His younger days :3

LOL~ seriously adorable.

Haha~ this meal definitely stands out ;D

He looks nice with this hairstyle and it's dark too. I like it when his hair is darker o-o

picking on poor Yasu xD Ryo was also picking on Yasu.

alittle OHYASS love

Ohkura was actually doing some kind of defense move on Yasu ~>Suka-J 8.17.06

o___O? You seem hyperactive there aren't you?

Ohkura POWAA!

Coming of age ceremony

I know that his smile melts you :DD

I so want to be in Yokoyama's position right now!

Injured Ohkura xD

his smile is just alot... I don't know, better? :x

lots of Tadakura bases ...sort of ;P

credit: stepbackwards, baidu, darfy.52blog.net, shino_/

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