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Survey... :D

hey guys. i have to do this psychology survey to prove this hypothesis that I have.  and my hypothesis is : Teenagers' decision-making will be affected if they are obsessed with music stars as role models. *COUGH* yes. :DDDD and a ton of people helped me credit this survey and now im finally able to conduct it! ^_____^ so please help me? i've uploaded them to different sites because i dont know what other ways i can use to send it to you guys. ^^" so yes, please do it! ^_^

1)  Download the survey from one of the links.
2)  Fill out the survey.
3)  To send it back to me, you can a) upload it to any uploading site or b) send it to my email (icelolliee[at]hotmail.com) or c) if im on your msn list, you can send it to me through there. 
4)  You're done! :D

Download links:
MU mirror 
SS mirror 
Uploading.com mirror


oh and deadline is : SATURDAY, MAY 19, 2007.
but of course, if they are sent to me like one day later, its alright too. :D

he's telling you to go do the survey now! :DDDDDD

to mods: please delete if this is not allowed. ^____^
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