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Thank yous and Gifts. ^^

Hi everyone. I'm somewhat new to this community. I've been lurking and leeching off people. I just wanted to say thank you everyone for all the uploads that you have done. I'm sorry for not leaving thank yous. It's rude of me. I'm sorry again. But I wanted to thank everyone that uploaded many things and the ones who have done translations. Thank you for spending your free time for the rest of us Kanjani8 fans.  

Type your cut contents here. 
    In return I would like to upload some mp3 of Kanjani8 songs. Everyone probably has them but just in case others don't. This is my first time uploading anything so please be patient with me. I only slightly familiar with yousendit. It's been a long time since I last used that one so I have to relearn it again. ^^; I'm willing to use other sites to upload the mp3s....only if they are free. Any suggestions for which sites are good to use would be really helpful. ^^

The mp3s I have are

Zukkoke Otokomichi
Osaka Rainy Blues
Dreamin Blood
Naniwa Iroha Bushi
All of me for you
Samurai Blue
Taiyoo no Kodomo

It just occurred to me. I don't know where these mp3s originally came from. I got them all from my friend. I don't know where she got them. If anyone recognizes that they had originally uploaded these songs from somewhere and don't want me to reupload them please tell me. I'll stop. 

Tags: k8 fans

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