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Janiben 003 - 2007/05/16 summary

SORRY! I couldn't summarize episode 2 as I promised because work killed me this week T__T but here I come bringing you episode 3 of Janiben. It was so fun that it would be a pity not to share it with everyone!

I don't know why, but my file starts suddenly from the VTR with the opinion people have on this week's guest. No opening theme (which I LOVE btw XD) and no my dear ♥Shingo♥ explaining what the show is about, but whatever, not a great loss.
Things people say in the vtr:
"You can see he's a man!"
"He lives everyday wearing high-heeled shoes! So that his legs can become more beautiful. I read it in a book."
"I think he's a real exhibitionist, even though he's really macho."
"He's a make-up artist."
(Things written on the vtr "blackboard": "Beautiful" - "Rich" - "More womanly than a woman" - "A beautiful old man" - "Looks like he plays a lot with boys")
Shingo introduces the guest. It's Ikko-san, a transexual make-up artist.

It's the first time they meet. She (please allow me to use "she"! It's clear that Ikko-san doesn't like being a man, so using the feminine pronoun is just ok, I guess?, and avoids confusion as all other 7 are "he"s) has seen the VTR and says "Ah, I hate the word macho". Then after being called "old man" she reveals her age: she's 45.
Shingo asks her if she likes men or women. (Straight to the point ne, Hina XD) She replies that it's not possible for her to like women. She says that she likes women as friends or comrades, not as lovers. She says that since she's started living steadily her way, some parts of her body too are slowly changing. Parts that should not be there are "retreating" and the guys are SHOCKED to hear this, ask her many times if it's true and Subaru even asks if it's something natural. She says it's just getting smaller and smaller, and Hina asks if they can see it, so she replies "Will you show me yours?" then mr.Exhibitionist Murakami replies "It's ok for me to show such a thing" (LOL XDDD Hina, show us! You keep promising bu never keep your word! XDDD) It's just like if her sensations were shaping her body. She thinks "Ah, it would be good if my shape were like this" and slowly her body becomes like this. Also her breasts are getting bigger. Sometimes her beautician asks her if she takes hormone injections, but she does not. "Please, touch" she adds. Shingo tries and is appearently impressed. They touch each other's chest for a while (a long while in which I hate Ikko-san XD), then Maru, who was waiting for nothing else appearently, launches himself eagerly on her (man)boobs making his strange noises like "wollallallalla".

Finally Shingo introduces the theme that Ikko-san wants to teach them: "Beautiful way of living". In a few words, a feminine way of life from which men can learn something too.
The first lesson is: "You should have good quality things". She says: That when she was in her twenties her skin was very good, she was beautiful in a natural way. When people get in their thirties, the responsibilities and the duties towards society makes them dim their shine, so she wanted to be more beautiful by surrounding herself and her body of beautiful things (especially branded things). They show a picture of her from a recent fashion magazine, when she wore a dress by Ungaro. Everybody compliments her for her beautiful legs and say she's a real woman. Then they show a picture of her wardrobe with lots of furs. Yoko says that it doesn't look like the clothes a 45-year-old man would wear. They're all expensive clothes, so Shingo asks how much she spends in a month. She says she doesn't really want to say it but of course she says it, she spends at least 2 million yen per month. Maru snaps "Ah, it's hard to be a woman!" But they're all stage or work clothes, when she's home she wears jearseys (and Shingo "Now, this is a real old man!" XD)
Ikko-san brought an item that's really expensive. It's a Russian Sables dress (ok I really don't know if I spelled it right XD anyway it's fur XD) And it costs one hundred million yen!! Eito can't believe that such expensive garments exist XD Maru asks "Whose hair is this? Whose hair is this?" It's from an animal called Kuroten (I SUPPOSE it's "sable" in English). Maru smells it and asks if that's the smell of Ikko-san's house XDDD They ask if it doesn't get dirty as it is that long. She wore it for a job she did once but I don't get what it's about, sorry. Shingo asks if someone of them can wear it, and Ikko-san grants her permission. Maru is so excited but in the end Shingo decides that it should be Ryo. The fur (Ryo says it's heavy) should be worn loosely, so that the shoulders come out, as Yasu interestedly points out.

Ryo feels like a diva hahaha XD He says after he's worn it, he can't calm himself. XDDD
Back to topic, since she was 19, Ikko-san was very poor and sometimes used to live in other people's houses. She was a mere assistant at the time and she didn't even have the money to buy a can of cola. She would earn 50000 or 60000 yen per month and after she paid the rent she was very poor. So she also started doing part-time jobs while she was working as an assistant for a make-up artist. Subaru is impressed and wonders "Did you like cola that much?" XDDD (I love Subaru because he's so serious when he says these things, and gets tsukkomied [verbally or physically] by Shingo XDDDD). Anyway she never thought it was too hard, because she was doing the thing she liked best and she was satisfied with her job everyday. Hina asks if it was fun, but Ikko-san replies it was more satisfying than fun.

The second lesson is about "Being always in love". Shingo asks if she was always in love also in her twenties, when she was so busy. She replies she didn't realize love was important at the time, and she had physical relationsips only. She was not able to love someone spiritually. (Please look at Maru's face when she says it:)
(the other 3 guys have interesting faces too ^^)
Shingo asks if she has a boyfriend now. She has, she's been with the same person for longer than 10 years now. They all admire the fact she's had such a long relationship, and Yoko asks "What kind of intervals do you leave?" (he's referring to how often they have sex, and appearently they have lots of sex and Maru makes another strange face).
Shingo asks her if she understands if a person is like her or not when she sees him. But surprisingly, she won't get with a man who's like her. She only chooses heterosexual men. Maru is very excited, I think he likes her XDD so Shingo jokingly says "This guy could fall for you if you were a bit persistent" XD Ikko-san says that there is one person between them who would probably fall for a man if he were persistent enough. (Maru is MORE than excited hahaha) of course everybody wants to know, but at first she doesn't want to say who it is, she's afraid he'll be angry at her XDD Finally, she points her finger and says "It's him".

Hahahahahha Ookura XDDD He's definitely embarassed and shakes desperately his head in denial XDDDD She says it's not like he's gay or anything, just that she has a feeling that there could be a chance with him if she were persistent enough, and anyways she only chooses heterosexual men. Even her boyfriend is heterosexual. Yoko wants to see him and says they should go on some location shoot together sometime. The next question is how long did it take for her boyfriend to fall for her, and the answer is 3 years. It took 3 years just to get a date with him. But after that they jumped straight into it. But after they got into a "that kind of" relationship for the first time, he told her it was great. While everyone goes "ooooooh" Shingo menacingly shouts "Ookura! Try to open yourself to it! Moreover, you don't have a girlfriend right now! Step into a new world" or something like that! (I'd take 4962094 screen caps of embarrassed Ookura-kun XDD have one:)

Yoko: "But I also think he's like that. Sometimes I realize he sneaks closer and touches my boobs" XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

This week's Kansai jrs are Boys' Yamasaki Kunta and Nakata Daichi (PLEASE PLEASE somebody correct me if I've got their first names wrong! T___T They can be read 3000 of ways and I'm not very knowledgeable on Jrs... thanks).

They will go to meet the world's baton twirling champion and try to learn something from him. His name is Kawazu Shuuichi (22 years old and very cute ^o^) Boys are very impressed and fascinated by his technique and style. Kawazu-san starts by explaining that there are 3 ways of twirling the stick. The first is called "contact material", it's about twirling the stick using the hands and fingers next to one's body. Nakata tries first, but the stick hits his elbow and it must really hurt XD Yamasaki does better, but Nakata tsukkomies him because he's laughing at him XD
The second technique is called "roll" and it's about using one's body to twirl the stick, without holding it into the hands. The third is called "aerial", which consists in throwing the stick into the air and catching it. He also shows how to spin one's body while the stick's into the air. It happened once that the stick landed onto his head and he even had blood flowing out!! But it's cool when you manage to catch it. Nakata tries, but he kind of dives onto the floor saying he's scared XD Then Yamasaki tries, but the stick hits his arm. They have confidence in their dancing skills, but turning while throwing a spinning stick is another thing! Finally, after failing a lot, Yamasaki and Nakata succeed in doing it (not too gracefully, but that's ok...), even in synchro.

And with the usual "Benkyou ni narimashita!" (We've learned something!) this week's Juniben is over.

The third lesson is "Refine one's inside by cooking". (my English sucks... XD) Ikko-san says that preparing what men want to eat is very important. Moreover, creating an atmosphere, setting the table etc. and making him wait is absolutely no good.
Ikko-san will now show an original recipe of hers, with the help of Ryochan.

They will prepare a kind of okonomiyaki that can be prepared in 10 min utes with leftovers. The main point is using leftover rice (Ryo's favourite hahahah XD) and tofu, and not using potatoes (generally potatoes are used to make it softer, but in this case she uses tofu for this purpose). Subaru shouts "You're a good woman!" XD

Ryo is very hyper about his assistant role and reacts enthusiastically to Ikko-san's directions. First, he puts into a bowl about half of the flour. Then Ikko-san smashes tofu into pieces, puts it into the bowl and gets Ryo to mix it with the flour. (AND SHINGO, MY SHINGO, without even thinking silently takes the dirty dish into the kitchen sink. Ah, marry me now please.) Then Ikko-san pours some cold water while Ryo mixes. She adds mentsuyu and shirodashi. She measures them with the eye, doesn't weigh them or anything. Then adds an egg, cabbage, kimchee, bannounegi (green onion?) and onions, all very fast. (And Shingo keeps putting dirty dishes into the kitchen sink. ♥♥♥) Finally, some sesame oil. Eito start being very impatient XDD But Ikko-san realizes she hasn't put the cold rice in the mix, even though she said it was the point! Ryo skillfully mixes everything and proceeds to cooking. You just drop a spoonful of the mix in a frying pan with some oil, basically. If you want to prepare it it's easy XD Once they're almost ready, Ikko-san puts some okonomi-sauce, ketchup and mayonnaise on them, then covers it with aonori and katsuo-bushi, and it's ready. (I'm scared of katsuo-bushi, they look like they're alive XD) Ryochan is really good at doing it, she keeps praising him but it's true XD. If you wanna prepare them but you're not sure about your eye-measuring skills and want to know the exact doses, comment and I will tell you! (I'm lazy now XD)
Eito's favourite part -eating- comes next. Baru produces himself in an "Itadakimasu" as it would be pronounced by an American.

Then the "Oishii! Umai!" parade begins. Ok, you know, they all say it's good and Ikko-san is happy. Maru eating a portion bigger than his mouth:

I haven't capped Shota so far but he's so cute when he eats I can't help it:

Ikko-san says that it's important to make the flavour stronger or more delicate according to the occasion.
And here Janiben 3 ends.

My thoughts:
1. One day someone took 53453956 different kinds of wonderful, mashed them up, and molded them into the perfect and lovely shape of Murakami Shingo.
2. This time they're all dressed rather well. What happened? O___O
3. Nishikido Ryo: the only person in this world who looks hot wearing my grandfather's glasses.
4. Actually Ikko-san is a very nice person, I really enjoyed this episode!
5. Please to the yaoi fangirls: don't go too wild for the middle portion of the show. I know this battle is lost before the fight even starts, but I like to think my favourite idols are heterosexual and might even do me if I persist for 3 years XDDD
And lastly, brutally off topic: did anyone read the fanfic "Hikikomori" by iwritebadporn? I immediately thought of it when I saw this frame of Ryo XDDD :
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