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Maru's drama & Domoto Tsuyoshi's show

Maru was saying he was "stuck in Tokyo" earlier this year. Well, it was for this!! 「輪違屋糸里 女達の新撰組」 (= "Wachigaiya Itosato~Onnatachi no Shinsengumi") haha, it's a Japanese history drama and he'll be Okita Souji. They will air two nights in a row on TBS in August. Still a long ways to go but just to give you a head's up! 

Also, K8 will be guest on Domoto Tsuyoshi's Shojiki Shindoi on June 6! I guess it'll be June 12th or so in Kansai? I'm not sure but sometime around then. I remember this show usually airs on the same day as either MuchaBuri or JaniBen... it might have been MuchaBuri (Tuesday) in Kansai. 

Utaban and now the Dots' show... I'm glad they're going on shows that they haven't been on before!!

 [P.S. The names have been edited to the correct ones!]
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