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Links to videos and Request for Slowly

Hey all. First off, I was wondering if anyone had Ryo and Subaru's performance of "Slowly"? I'm not entirely sure where it's from, but it's when Ryo was very little! The clip can be seen on youtube here. I have it, but it's a realplayer file and it's part of a larger clip. Basically I'm completely in love with the song, and with Subaru in it (Ryo is adorable but Subaru is beautiful!) and I'd love to watch it over and over and put it on my iPod, but I can't do anything with an rmvb file. So if anyone has this as an avi or mpg or mp4 or mov or whatever, that would be awesome. Or even an mp3? Or even another realplayer file but with only this performance on it? I'd be so excited :) It's really hard to repeat the song when the clip goes into something else, I get jarred. XD

Anyway, I wanted to offer something, since I'm posting. I have limited resources but I recently started getting into the Arashi fandom and I came across a video that I hadn't seen before with subtitles, in which Arashi talks about Kanjani8. It's not particularly flattering but it's funny, and I like hearing the groups discuss each other.

I don't want to link directly to the downloads since it's not my file, but it can be found at Arashian Files, here. The video in question is #5 in the Hey Hey Hey section, it's called "2005.11.14 - Wish + Talk - Music Champ". It's softsubbed, so you'll have to download the subtitles separately. I can tell people how to combine them on a mac, but I'm not sure about a PC.

Also, I just realized I have another Arashi file where they discuss Kanjani8 (these are the only K8-related files I have that weren't probably originally shared by a member of this community, so it's the only thing I can think of to offer!). In a more recent Hey Hey Hey appearance, Aiba and Nino responded to Yoko's on-air demands that they be part of his clique-thingie. It was pretty funny, and it also contains a segment of Kanjani8's appearance with hardsubs, which is sort of neat. That can be found here, in the "Other TV show appearances" section, called "HEY3x 23 April 2007". The Kanjani8 part is the last 5 minutes or so of the first part, so you only need to download that. The subs are by yuckie_chan and the translation is by nyanchan.

Even though Kanjani8 is only featured briefly in these clips, I hope people enjoy them!

Ah! While I'm posting--does anyone else have a difficult time viewing the layout? I use Safari as my browser so it might be a problem with that, but the text is right over the lighter part of the image and I have to highlight it to read it. XP Oh well, it's worth it.

Anyway, I also hope someone can help me find a different version of "Slowly"--I know I'm greedy!
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