Claudia (loveandcoffee) wrote in kanjani8,

Requests for Subaru perf + Eito wallpapers

Hello! I don't really like requesting things, but it's something I cannot find by myself, so I can't do anything else but ask for your help...

In late 2006, Subaru was on Shonen Club and performed "Greedy" with Taichi on piano (it's the same episode where he sang "Mr.Traveling Man"). Does anybody have a video file for it? I am in love with that song (I have an audio rip from his shokura performance), and I really wish to see it, also because there are a few words in the lyrics I'm not sure of and the karaoke would help.

Then, another thing (sorry for being so cheeky ^^;;). Does anybody have some nice K8 wallpapers? All members or single members, it's ok as I love them all (but please avoid Uchi please please XD and my favourite as everyone knows by now is Shingo ♥) I use 1280x1024 but 1024x768 is ok too.

Thank you eighters ♥
Tags: requests

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