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June TV /magazines/radio schedule

Woot, more on the schedule! My god, Ohkura and Maru are going to be running all over the place in June! Promoting like crazy for the new album. All info obtained from Mixi. I'm not exactly sure whether all the dates are accurate because these are all reported by fans kay?

TV Appearances
June 5th
Chiba TV "music 03" Maru & Ohkura
TV Aichi "Yarisugi Kouji"

June 6th
MBS "Chichinpuipui" Hina & Maru
Okuyama "i music express" (looks like they'll be talking about the album)
Doumoto Tsuyoshi Shoujiki Shindoi

June 7th
YTV "Narutomo" Yoko & Yasu
KBC Kyushuu Asahi "ASA DESU" Maru & Ohkura

June 8th
TV Tama "HOT WAVE" Maru & Ohkura

June 9th
TV Asahi "Hadaka no Shounen" Yoko & Maru

June 11th
TV Aichi "a-ha-N varie" Maru & Ohkura
TV Hokkaido "Asobi na DJ" Yoko & Ryo

June 13th
Kansai TV "Gout Temps" Hina

June 14th
Kansai TV "BARISAN" Hina & Ryo

June 23rd
TV Tama "HOT WAVE" Maru & Ohkura

Looks like they'll be appearing in Oricon Style every week for the month of June.

-This week's Recomen had Yasu on the phone, and Yoko was praising Yasu's "Watashi Kagami".
-The week after next, the rest of Eito will be guests.

June 8th
TFM "48(Yonpachi) House" Yoko

DVD releases
-The butai that both Yoko and Ohkura acted in last year, the Takizawa Enbujou will be released on July 18th.

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