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Shota's solo song analysis (from 5/31 Recomen)

I know I've posted the translations to Shota's solo song "Watashi Kagami" before, but I'll copy and paste it here once again in case you missed it... I would have to add changes once I get the album because this is not the "official" version of the lyrics I have this is the final "official" version of the lyrics, which actually had AN ADORABLE second verse as well!!!


Written & Composed by Shota Yasuda

Will my words of love reach you?
I imagine it... and then I smile in embarrassment

You live in a city far away, so
On nights I can't see you, I look up at the moon
...and I pray strongly, filling my heart, saying
"I want to see you"

The red string comes down (*Note)
and I try tying it around my pinky

Watashi (=I)
My "love" that keeps on growing during the days that I can't see you
...and my very happy "love" when I finally do get to see you
I feel it all tonight and I hum a song while I go home by myself on this moon-lit night

"I for you"

I'm alone and weakening, having weird thoughts in my head...
It's a fact that I get worried
I wanted to make sure of my love, so I called you at the middle of the night
You gently hugged me through the telephone
My eyes are filled with tears

The "tears" that came out after enduring the pain
...and the "tears" that came out full of happiness
I feel it all tonight and my voice is snuffled (**Note) on this moon-lit night
Alone in the room

"I miss you"

The moon night street is lit
It's the street that only the two of us can walk on
Can I reach there?
Will you be waiting?
I put my excitement on to my footsteps and play the tune...

The "smile" that you forced while hiding your sadness
...and the happy "smile" that you honestly showed to me
I feel it all again tonight, mixing it with flowerly-colors
I fall asleep on this moon-lit night

Seeing you whenever I want to is not what it's all about;
Putting the happiness and sadness back-to-back
It is just divided by one line

Right now I'm keeping this perfect balance between
You and me

I'm probably being selfish, but let me just say...

"Hayo Aitai..." (="I want to see you soon" in Kansai-ben)


(*Note) In Japan, there's this saying that you and your significant other are tied together on the pinky with a red string. If you knew this, maybe the Sankyodai part on Excite! DVD where Yoko's holding out his pinky might make a bit more sense....

(**Note) During the 5/31 Recomen, Shota explained snuffling (=hana goe) was because the girl was crying (because she couldn't see her boyfriend).


I just listened to the 5/31 Recomen where Yoko and Hina called Shota on the phone. Shota had just finished his work (past midnight!) and he had no clue what the two were up to, haha. Yoko had asked Hina about his lyrics to "Forward" earlier in the show, and now Yoko wanted to call Shota and ask him about his song "Watashi Kagami."

Shota explained the situation of this song, saying that he wrote from a female perspective. She has a boyfriend but they are in a long distance relationship, and seeing each other whenever they want to is not the way to go, he says. While Shota was explaining the lyrics, he was like "and this girl wants to see her darling, and..." and of course Hina and Yoko picked on Shota saying "darling" and Yoko was like "So Yasu, you call your boyfriend 'darling?'" and Shota was like "hahaha!! ...oh! ...Well, I don't have a boyfriend so I don't know..."

Anyway. Yoko really really likes this song and he was amazed and moved everytime Shota explained the situation of the lyric. He kept on calling Shota a poet. The "poet" said he came up with the lyrics while he was on a bus ride home from a MuchaBuri location filming. He was looking up at the sky and saw the moon, then the lyrics just came to him.

One part that amazed me as well was this:

The part that goes
Seeing you whenever I want to is not what it's all about;
Putting the happiness and sadness back-to-back
It is just divided by one line

In Japanese, "happiness" = "shiawase 幸せ" and "sadness" = "tsurasa 辛さ"

If you could see the two kanjis closely, 幸 and 辛 are only one-line different. You add an extra horizontal line at the top of 辛 to make it 幸. In the lyrics, he's saying that they're just divided by one line... which has a double meaning: one is the one-line difference in the kanji and the other is that one moment you can be really happy but the next moment, once you cross a thin line, you might just stumble down to sadness. When Shota was explaining this, Yoko, Hina AND I were all like "aahhh...!!! WOW!!"

Also, Yoko said that he and Ohkura were talking back-stage during the concert when they were listening to Shota's song. The part where Shota goes The "smile" that you forced while hiding your sadness Yoko was like "Ohkura and I were saying that maybe you're always forcing yourself to smile whenever we're around and decided that we should treat you better from now on..." and Shota's like "Hahaha Yokoyama-san! You're reading into the lyrics too much!"

Yoko really likes the last part where Shota says "Hayo Aitai." He even used it in one of his "confessions" during the Eight Ranger skit where the guys are forced to come up with a pick up line. During the Recomen, he was reading out Shota's lyrics and when he came closer to the end, he started saying things like "So yeah, you know you shouldn't see each other because you're both working and you can't just be selfish and see each other whenever you want to, you know? You have to have a mature relationship right? Yeah, but... in the end... 'hayo aitai <3' Right?!" and he imitated Shota's song "Hayo Aitaaiii" and Shota's like "Hey! Stop imitating me!" Yoko loves Hina's solo too; he keeps on saying "Everybody screeeaaammm!"

Anyway, thanks to Yoko's super (?) interviewing skills, I like "Watashi Kagami" even more!!! I can't wait to listen to the album!!!

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