kathy ねこ (katz08) wrote in kanjani8,
kathy ねこ

to all the Kanjani8 fans in the Philippines.

if this is not allowed, the mods can delete this entry.
im selling my "Kanfuu Fighting" Limited Edition to anyone living in the Philippines.

im gonna sell it for 700php. i bought it last April in CdJapan and i played it only once.
its the Tacchon version. but im not selling the bracelet that comes with it.

the price is still negotiable. and i might changed my mind about the bracelet.
my email is sho_katz08@yahoo.co.jp or kathy_noside@hotmail.com 
feel free to email anytime.

and i also got the Zukkoke Otokomichi LE single, if your interested in that one too, please email me.
the pictures of the cds are in my LJ.

and i just want to let u know that i am in the Philippines too.
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