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Shonen Club in Osaka: 7/1 & 7/8

They filmed Shonen Club on June 3rd in Osaka. The on air date will be 7/1 and 7/8. Both shows will be hosted by Hina and NewS' Koyama.

The theme for 7/1 will be "Osaka" and the K8 boys will be singing an Osaka medley with Kanfuu Fighting, Naniwa Irohabushi, Rainy Blues and Obachan Rock. The Kansai Juniors will sing a lot as well. There's also a K8 "MC" haha. In the end, they're all going to sing a famous K8 song, which I'm assuming is Romanesque. That's just my guess though.

The theme for 7/8 is "Color (Individuality)." There's a Kansai Junior medley including some Kinki Kids songs. K8 will show up as a band and will sing Misetekure. The "Let's write a letter to each other" will be B.A.D's Kiriyama and Nakama.

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