shikurai17 (shikurai17) wrote in kanjani8,

I was watching Heyx3 with Arashi. They talked about Yoko forming his own group and recruiting Nino and Aiba to it. It made me wonder what's Arashi's relationship with Kanjani8. I knew that Hina-chan is in No Border with MatsuJun and that Yoko did a drama with Nino. In another Heyx3 with Arashi, Nino talks about going out to dinner with Hina-chan. I wasn't aware that those 4 were friends.........are they? Is it only with those 4 or does the rest of the members from both groups interact with each other?

Another thing., can anyone direct me to a site that instructs how to make caps with photoshop? Is that even possible? I want to cap and gush on about a shounen club episode with kanjani8 but I don't know how. I tried on my own but it's not working right. If anyone can help I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks.

Tags: !: question, requests

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