makubuta (makuhita) wrote in kanjani8,

MS 20070615

Some K8 parts in Music Station 20070615 that were not included in the file yamaperfection uploaded.
A little part at the beginning when K8 were interviewed (is it called Music Mini Station? Or Mini Music Station? I don't know...), Maru ♥ Baru, a new blonde couples...
Of course turning some small clip into .gif is a much better idea but someone was just too lazy. XD

I uploaded the files to Yousendit.
*requests someone to upload the files elsewhere* :D Thank you nana_komatsu7 for the MF reup!! :3

Oh and can anyone tell me where can I find the really really HQ version of K8 performance in MS yesterday? :D

***EDITED: I totally forgot. Please vote for Ryo. HERE!!!
You know maybe by the time he is in the top ten, the boy's hair will grow back to sexy black again? XD Thanks!

1. The mini talk part before the show began.
Link: YSI                   MF

2. Maru ♥ Baru
Link: Here.                 MF

3. You know there is a hand right there touching Shota's chin!!! xD
Link: YSI                MF

4. Something funny? :D
Link: YSI                  MF

5. The hair! The shoulder!! XDDD
Link: YSI                      MF

Tags: tv show: music station

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Recent Posts from This Community