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45 Kanjani8 icons

Hello minna!
This is the first time I made (and share) JE related icons and I chose Kanjani8 to be my first victims. *haha*
I'm not the best icon maker but I hope yoz'll like it though. ^_^

~ comment if taking ♥
~ credit if using
~ constructive criticism and suggestions are always welcome ♥

[01]Maruyama Ryûhei
[22]Ôkura Tadayoshi
[09]Nishikido Ryô
[04]Shibutani Subaru
[09]Yasuda Shôta
[01]Nishikido Ryô + Yasuda Shôta
(Sorry no Hina or Yoko)


The rest is here.

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Tags: fanwork: icon

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