Claudia (loveandcoffee) wrote in kanjani8,

New community~


Even for the fans who are not newbies anymore, JE is such a vast field that one is bound to have lots of unanswered questions (and questionable answers XD) about many many many things, and have no one to ask them to - maybe they're about general JE matters or about units they don't want to join a community about etc. So I set up a community for all of these people, or even new Johnny's fans who might be scared/ashamed to ask "newbie" question (which is pointless: we all have to learn somewhere ^__^).
I will also tag all the posts etc. in order to create a large JE trivia/knowledge source, and have started building up a JE-related lj communities directory ←take a look and contribute ^__-

PLEASE join it if you're interested, spread the word, start posting etc. I want this community to be alive&active! Yoroshiku~♥

(...chotto x-posted)

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