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[FIC] The Ballad of Maru and Yoko

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Title: The Ballad of Maru and Yoko
Pairing: YokoXMaru, OhkuraXYasuda
Notes: NC-17. This fic began over a year ago, but I just recently got around to finishing it, the ending is a little rushed so I'm sorry about that. Oh, and while I was unlocking the nc-17 chapters, I also unlocked all my other nc-17 fics- here Take a look!

Prologue 1 Ghost House
Prologue 2 Ferris Wheel

Chapter One Morning

Important Ohyass tie in- Dressing Room

Chapter Two Shower
Chapter Three Happy Birthday
Chapter Four Sleeper Train
Chapter Five Under Stage
Chapter Six Balcony
Chapter Seven Plot
Chapter Eight Final
Tags: fanwork: fanfiction

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