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Tacchon and the urban myth (translation)

Well, hello it's me again. <3. While I'm on a giant translating spree brought on by the recent ending of school and purchase of shiny magazines (which have caused me to go broke), I figured I may as well share what Tacchon has to say about urban myths. It's a short thing from Myojo, but I laughed my pants off reading it. It's really strange to imagine him saying that in his cute slightly lispy sounding voice.

  "This is a famous urban myth in my hometown. There's a rumor that sometimes when you walk down the street, there's a mysterious man who appears and disappears. His name is the Chinchinpoppo Man. He's called that because when people are walking, he approaches them from behind on his bicycle, and when he gets next to them, he shouts "chinchinpoppo!" and disappears off somewhere.
    When I was in elementary school, that rumor was a hot topic, but I hadn't really heard anyone say they'd seen him, so it was never quite clear to me whether he was real or not.
   Then, in sixth grade, I finally met him.  When I was going to the stationary store with my little brother, and was thinking I'd ride my bicycle, suddenly a man came from the side, shouted "chinchinpoppo!" and ran away... I told my friends, "there really was a Chinchinpoppo Man," but they didn't quite believe me.
   But what in the world could that man have wanted to do...? Mysterious, yeah...?"

I couldn't believe he said he actually saw him!!!
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