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more UCHI in playzone news clips

another one of the many news clips - ZOOM IN - roaming around of the PLAYZONE rehearsal....

no caps for zoom-in though.... gomen ne~ too lazy and i definitely should be sleeping by now....

*edit* added a Narutomo clip... which i think is clearer and nicer... i actually made caps for this too!

Zoom-in 20070709

*NEW* edit// Narutomo 20070709
- i think this clip (of all 7 i've downloaded so far) has the best quality


credits: orzrp gogobox

i'm SOO touched that uchi's back and i actually get to see him moving around!!! *absolutely speechless* it feels sorta unreal to see him now cuz i started liking kanjani8 and uchi-kun way way after his suspension so today is the first time i've actually seen him in an updated video.... which makes me really really happy!!! looking forward to seeing more and more and more of him in the future!
Tags: tv show: narutomo, tv show: zoom-in

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