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Mommy's Day Off 2/?

Title: Mommy's Day Off 2/?
Author: Ali || </a></b></a>crux_australis // </a></b></a>an_anthologyof1
Fandom: JE/ Kanjani8 + NewS
Characters: Kanjani8 + NewS. XD But really, Hina and Koyama steal the show. ;) Oh, and it's not-so-subtly implied HinaBaru and KoyaShige because I can't resist. D:
Genre/Rating: Fluff, humor (? D:)/PG-13 for insinuations and foul language XD
Disclaimer: I am in no way associated with Johnny & Associates and am not making any profit from this.
Summary: When the mother of the group turns into a baby, the rest of the group is left clueless.

For the second time this week, one Nishikido Ryo flips out while someone whips out a digital camera.

Tags: fanwork: fanfiction

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