kring-kring (pulang_tala) wrote in kanjani8,

This is sssooo not Yokohno!

It's been a year since I made a fanfic, I just couldn't make myself write anything that is of substance. But it's still cool anyway. 'Coz it's Yoko and Ohno. Stealing food. No pairings. Just crack. Not laugh-out-loud funny but I'm just really happy that I got to do a new one. This is beyond a drabble this is Sparta! Oh shit I'm too corny, this is retard writing.

Prease to read and enjoy tough!

ps: To the new fans who may not have read my other stories, check out Cybersex Claims Chonnys and The Jimmy Mackey Radio Show. Those are just short one-shots.
Tags: fanwork: fanfiction

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