Gekkeiju (gkj) wrote in kanjani8,

Who wants to go to Kanjani dome concert?

So... I have a very odd request... (mods, please delete if you think it's not allowed ^^'''')

I' would like to go to the Kanjani Dome concert (don't mind the date ^^'). I still have not the tickets. I was said a way in wich I could found them, but I prefere not to go to the concert alone.
So I'm looking for someone (one max two peaple) who wants to go and TRY found them. 
It's better if the other is already in Tokyo, but it can ok also if you assure me you'll buy the ticket from me (I can't affoard to pay for one more ticket ^^'). [if there's someone who already have tow tickets and no companion, is obviously welcomed ^^'']
Please, notice: 
1- I still don't have any ticket, so there's a possibility not to find them;
2- There's no much time remaning, and I hope to found tickets for the second floor, so they'll be quite expensive 

So, if you wants to go and try found tickets with me, an Italian (<- this explain my weird english, I'm sorry) Eito Fan ^_^, please contact me at: 
Yoroshiku, ne. ^^'

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