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Help, please! ;___;

Hi! I promised myself and a dear friend that I'd convert her into a K8 whore fan before I migrate, but I don't know where to start. I thought about putting together a dvd...like a "primer kit" of some sort.

Anyway, I'm really at a loss with where to start, so I desperately need help from fellow Eito fans. What made you guys fall in love with K8? Particular translations/interviews, performances? Anything else?

Just so you won't think that this is some pathetic way to get you guys to upload stuff for me, I just want to know what you're talking about (so I can find them in my files and include them in the "primer kit."). Please be as specific as you could be. Also, it would be better if we stuck to short videos, for now. ^^ I don't think someone who doesn't even know all Eito members would find a whole concert/play enjoyable. ^^;

This would be good help:
"Oh! I LOVE [Honjani] [Episode 110/2005.05.31]...you know? The one where [Ohkura and Ryo held hands twice]. "
"Their interview in [Popolo] last [June 2005] where they talked about [dreams] was really nice, and I think that turned me into a fan."
"[Yoko]'s JWEB on [2007.03.29] where he talked about [Hina's ginormous peen (again)] was great!"
"I loved their [Sukiyanen, Osaka.] performance on [MS 2005.09.09]. The one where [Ryo stole the pudding], remember? :D"
"I love [Mugendai]."
Brownie points for those who can identify which of the examples used are true. xDD Clue: There are only 2...as far as I know. xD

Please don't just tell me: "I fell in love with K8 because of Honjani/Heat UP!!." Because that...is too general/broad. D:

Help? ^^; I really don't have the time to burn her all my K8 DVDs, as much as I love her. Besides, all those videos would be too much all at once for a new fan, don't you guys think? Come on, throw your BEST OF K8 at me. ;) I will only ask if I absolutely do not have what you guys are talking about. xD


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