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hi everyone im back with the details about writing a letter to Johnny-san.

I know we don't have much time, but I am thinking of sending the letter so it would arrive on Aug7th and 8th(japan time). So for everyone writing a letter, make sure to send it about a week before depending on where you all live. If you live in USA then most likely, it will take a week for the letter to arrive in japan.

Please write to this address:

I forgot to add Mr. before Johnny-san's name in the English one so please be sure to add it!
I am still not sure if this is the appropriate address but no one has the answer...and i cant ask the jimusho/company cuz i am not in the fanclub.
So please take this into account when writing the letter.

When writing the letter, please don't be rude, threatening, or disrespectful. We are merely writing to express our feelings about wanting Uchi back into the group, not how much we think Johnny-san is stupid and what not.
For those writing in English, please write it without using difficult words. We don't kno how well Johnny-san or the staff knows English.
And for those who are writing in Japanese, if you need help with anything, or translation you can email me at

For anyone who has any questions, you can email me at or if its a short question you can leave a comment!

Please don't leave a comment if you are against us writing the letter. I am already aware of your opinons from my previous post. And I am sorry to be doing something that you do not agree to.

Also if you'd like please spread this to many ppl!! The more the better!
You can post this to any other place.... wherever you want!!

Thank you.
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