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Body Mass Index info

I posted this in the NEWS community and people seemed intrigued, so I thought I'd post it here as well. So, crossposted from news_jpop, and also arashi_on.

Basically, I've got a fascination for the heights and weights of JE boys, and I'm assembling a big sort of database that compares the heights of everyone each group, and the groups as a whole. (I've discovered that Kamisen, the younger half of V6, are either incredibly underfed or have really inaccurate information about them out there - in fact, if anyone has stats that they think are more accurate that the ones available on dramawiki or wherever, I'd be very thankful for it!)

Anyway, they're all very skinny, so I was thinking I'd try to find out what their BMIs are and I did so using this website. It's for adults, but I think everyone is pretty much close enough.

According to the site: Underweight = <18.5
Normal weight = 18.5-24.9
Overweight = 25-29.9
Obesity = BMI of 30 or greater

I forgot to mention this when posting before, but it was pointed out to me - there are more factors that go into your BMI than just height and weight, so these are at best estimates, also there's a possibility that everything's different because the website was not for Asians but I don't know about that.

Uchi - 17.8
Baru - 18
Ryo - 18.9
Tacchon - 19.9
Hina - 20
Yasu - 20.6
Yoko - 20.7
Maru - 21.1

After TOKIO, Kanjani8 has the second largest height range, and third largest weight range after TOKIO and V6.

I'm including all the other groups I've done in case anyone is interested in them as well. I may also cross-post this, but I could be too lazy - who knows! (No KAT-TUN or Kinki Kids, sorry - but, you know, you can do them yourself if you're interested. But I did include two non-debuted groups - YA3 and ABC, cos Taiyo is tall and I love ABC.)

Nino - 17.8
Jun - 19.5
Aiba - 19.5
Sho - 20
Ohno - 20.1

NEWS (most likely to be wrong)
Koyama - 17.1
Shige - 17.9
Ryo - 18.9
Tegoshi - 19.5
Yamapi - 19.8
Massu - 20

V6 (What the hell, Kamisen?? Also, apparently Nagano is the chubbiest guy in JE)
Go - 16.1
Okada - 16.3
Ken - 16.5
Sakamoto - 20.5
Innochi - 21.1
Nagano - 21.3

TOKIO (I'm not sure if my info for TOKIO was that accurate. Mabo weighs more than Nagase? He's also the heaviest Johnny - but he's the third tallest.)
Taichi - 17.4
Nagase - 19.1
Leader - 19.4
Mabo - 20.1
Yamaguchi - 20.3

Ya-Ya-Yah (but they're not adults, so hopefully. . . they aren't all underweight. Also, geez, Taiyo is freaking 186 cm!)
Yabu - 16.2
Taiyo - 18.1
Hikaru - 18.3
Shoon - 18.4

Kawai - 17.8
Goseki - 18
Totsu - 18.7
Tsuka - 20.1

Tsubasa - 18.1
Takki - 20

I don't know if other people are as fascinated by heights and weights as I am, but I could also probably upload my whole big spreadsheet if there's interest. It's probably most useful for people who are fans of multiple groups, I'd guess, and want all the information at their fingertips. It's got birthdates, heights, weights, height and weights in order for each group, height and weight ranges, that sort of thing.
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