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Littlix! JEportal

Littlix! JEportal is launched!

What is Littlix! JEportal?
Littlix! JEportal is a new JE one-stop portal. We will have updates on everything-JE, from news on your favourite Johnny's or Johnny's Jrs, to community updates on what's brewing around the Johnny's community.

What Littlix! JEportal is NOT?
We're NOT chibi Juniors only. JEportal is for all of JE, just like the forums. All Senior news will be reported - KAT-TUN, NEWS, Arashi, TOKIO, Tackey and Tsubasa, Kanjani8, V6 - all of them.
We're also not going to be biased in community reports - multimedia releases by various fansub groups will all be reported, not just Littlix! Subs' own ones.

Why should you join Littlix! JEportal?

Why shouldn't you? What is there to lose? =D In fact, if you've been a member in the Littlix! Forums, you already have an account in JEportal! Don't have one yet? Come join the fastest growing JE community on the net!

Kanjani8 specific message
We need a Kanjani8 fan to be our reporter! xD Someone that would write on the latest happenings in the Kanjani8 scene to post as news on Littlix! frontpage. If you think you can do it, please do comment at the post, as I personally do not keep up that much with Kanjani8 happenings.
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