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JE Statistics Spreadsheet, as promised!

Want to know which Johnny's group is the fattest? The shortest? Who's skinner than who? I've made a spreadsheet that compares various statistics for people within groups, groups as a whole, and individuals across groups.

Now with new and improved BMIs! So even if you're only interested in those, don't be satisfied with my previous post! Get the shiny new numbers - I redid almost all of NEWS plus some of Arashi and TOKIO and all of V6.

This is designed for imperial measuring system users. The heights are often repeated with both units, because centimeters are more accurate, but weights are rarely given in kilograms except when initially stated. Sorry!

Includes: Names, ages, heights, weight, BMI and debut year (for the groups - I was going to include year joined for the individuals but I couldn't find the info - if anyone has it, please point me to it?) for Kanjani8, TOKIO, Arashi, NEWS, V6, ABC, Ya-Ya-Yah and Tackey & Tsubasa. I also have the heights, weights and BMI for each group in order so you can compare within the group, and master lists so you can compare how everyone is within the agency. I give the height range and the weight range for each group, and then compare the ranges for all the groups so you can see which has the most variation, and compare the averages of each group. Slightly less analysis for T&T cos I find averages or ranges for two people uninteresting and pointless. That's pretty much everything, cos I couldn't think of anything else to do with the numbers I had and my mathematical ability, except for two surprise silly stats. >.>

Uploaded to MF, a mere 56 kb excel file.

Let me know what you think! I hope people find it useful or at least interesting.

As I've said, no KAT-TUN because I'm not into them and couldn't keep myself interested enough to find all their information and crunch the numbers, and no Kinki Kids because doing comparisons for just two people (cos originally I was just all interested in the differences within groups) is uninteresting but T&T snuck in cos I wanted to know Takki's stats. XD

New numbers taken from the Japanese wikipedia (which occasionally gives date sources - often April 2007, which isn't bad) and some numbers averaged from the Japanese wikipedia and dramawiki which I know is ridiculous but it was all I could think to do, and some V6 numbers that were given to me by acidae, which I more or less just took as such cos I was so happy to have normal weights for those boys. (Nino had 49 kg listed in the Japanese wikipedia but it was from 2005 so I gave him the benefit of the doubt and kept the 50, just so you know!) (I actually do give my sources in the file, but this is where the BMIs that differ from before will have come from)

I tried to make it easy to read but it is a lot of information so it's quite busy.

cross-posting to news_jpop, arashi_on and, if I don't feel like I've ridiculously flooded LJ with this, to_ki_o.
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