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[TV] 2 Jichoa 070806

Other News about Kanjani8 Tokyo Dome on 4 - 5 th August. I thought this news is the last one. ^^;;

They had more scene from concert. Watch it. XDDD

Link : SS // MU

Credit : Sunm1999

P.S  I added more MP3 From Nagano Concert on 070807 & Tokyo Dome concert on 070805. ^_^  Quality is great!!!
I recomment you to listen.... 

-  Misetekure From Tokyo DomeSubaru Sugoi!!!

-  Fantastic Music From Tokyo Dome Hahaha  Poor Okura  Can't wait from DVD I want to see the VTR!!!

-  MC & Itsuka mata  from Nagano Concert  Itsuka mata was awesome!! You must listen!!!

Wanna listen them??

Welcome to my LJ XDD
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