16 August 2007 @ 07:55 pm
Have a ton of mags and goods for sale!  

Please read first:
♥ Payment by paypal accepted
♥ Concealed cash at your own risk
♥ All prices listed in USD
♥ All prices inclusive of postage unless otherwise stated on the page
♥ Please add extra $2 for registered mail
♥ I'll be shipping from Singapore
♥ Feel free to email me at cupcakelace at gmail dot com if you have any questions

Click here for Johnny's goods!

Johnny's Jr calendar 2002-2003
Arashi Sho Sakurai 2000 concert tour uchiwa
V6 Coming Century pins
V6 Photo album
V6 Whiteboard
V6 CD case

Click here for Johnny's magazines!

2001 December (Cover: V6)
2002 February (Cover: Domoto Tsuyoshi, Nagase Tomoya, Miyake Ken)
2002 September (Cover: V6)

Wink Up
Japanese version:
2001 September (Cover: V6)
2001 December (Cover: Coming Century)
2002 April (Cover: J-support)
2002 June (Cover: Takki & Tsubasa)

Taiwan version:
2001 August (Cover: Toma Ikuta, Imai Tsubasa, Miyake Ken, Murakami Shingo)
2001 September (Cover: V6)
2001 November (Cover: Coming Century)
2001 December (Cover: Coming Century)

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