About 90%. (elyndys) wrote in kanjani8,
About 90%.

[Doujinshi scans]

I hope you're not tired of me yet! This time I've brought some doujinshi scans to share! I love collecting random dj, so I had to grab most of the K8 ones I saw while I was in Japan! There weren't *that* many, but I found quite a few in Sapporo, of all places. They're mainly gag ones, but I picked up a couple of pairing ones too. :) This one's a very cute silly one featuring the okan! There's a lot of pictures of Shoko looking very, very cute and Tadami being naughty.

It seems to be called Tsuutenkaku, but I have no idea what that means. ^^' Anyway, I hope you enjoy it!

I also posted a cute Subaru/Yasu doujinshi over at subassan_onegai, so if you want to take a look go here! :)

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