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[sale] Taking order for Kanjani 8 concert goods

I am going to Kanjani 8 concert on September 1 and I am taking order for concert goods for anyone at anywhere.
The goods and prices are as follows (in USA dollars)...

1. pamphlet   $30
2. t-shirt   $36
3. card set   $12.50
4. clear file (8 types/ individuals or group)   $7.50
5. flashing badge   $7.50
6. key set   $16.50
7. wristband   $7.50
8. memo book   $12.00
9. photo set (8 types / individuals or gorup)   $9.00
10. penlight   $16.50
*** Delivery cost is not yet included. 

The payment is through paypal and divided into 2 parts.
First for the whole amount of your order and then the second is for delivery after I have all goods on hand (depends on weight and distance).
The deadline for this is on August 30 and all orders will be sent out from Thailand. 

Also, there is a case some goods may be sold out (or maybe all) which there is nothing i can do about this. if this really happen, I will transfer back via paypal.

If you are interested or have any question, please do not hesitate to e-mail me at ultramarine-stars@hotmail.com.

PS. x-post to many places...^^....
PS2. edited concert date and added deadline...^^...


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