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I posted this at MK forums and in my LJ, might as well post again here with the permission of jui...

Eito will take part in Hattori Ryouichi's 100th Birthday Tribute Album! Hattori is a legendary songwriter who has written numerous evergreen hits like Tokyo Boogie Woogie and Shamisen Boogie. Eito are the only idols taking part in this project besides H!P's Aya Matsuura. The other established artistes in the list are like Masaharu Fukuyama, Kazumasa Oda & Hideaki Tokunaga!

The album will be released on October 17th, and a concert will be held at Tokyo Forum on November 1st but I don't know whether eito will be involved. But it seems like this album actually took 2 years to plan! I wonder if the producers fell in love with eito's rendition of Shamisen Boogie on Excite and decided that eito have to be a part of their 2-year plan. Btw, eito will sing another song called Kaimono Boogie!

roadwafflegave me an old performance of the song here: http://youtube.com/watch?v=N_043fnhTdk

It's such a cute song and very eito-ish! :)

Anyway, the main point is, am I going to buy this album just because eito is a part of it??? I think I'll have to download the album first and see whether I actually like the songs...But OMG this is such a big project! I'm very proud of eito! It's like they're straying away more and more from the normal idol stuff particularly Johnny's! I hope they'll get more project like this in the future! :)

Here's more info on the album (in Japanese) together with the tracklist and artistes list: http://www.universal-music.co.jp/hattori_cmp/

credits to jui.greatestjournal.com

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