Tai (sisterjune) wrote in kanjani8,

Uploads and a Request.

Hello! shikurai17 asked me a day or so ago to upload a bary/hina clip for her where they were doing manzai on heyx3. So here it is. I thought I would post it up for anyone else who is interested. Also if there is anyone who is aware where the full episode this clip is from could be found, I and I'm sure shikurai17 too, would be very grateful.

http://www.mediafire.com/?b3yjzqebx13 (this is the clip)

In order to view this file you need to either have an flv player or a VLC player. If you don't have one just type the name into google and you should have be able to find a place to download them.

Ok I having some trouble. I am dying to know what episode of suka*j this clip comes from where subaru is attempting to force feed (with the assistance of maru) yasu some durians or something like that. here are some screencaps I took.


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