miss_blacque (miss_blacque) wrote in kanjani8,

[Request & Fanvid] Uchi and Kusano Fanvid

Hello minna-san...I'm new to this community, so i don't really know how to post properly yet. I'm just wondering if there is ANY fancam footage of the Kanjani8's Tokyo Dome concert perf on the 5th Aug 07 where Uchi made his sudden reappearance...coz i searched like crazy and couldn't find any at all...

In return, here is a lil fanvid from me to show my support for Uchi and Kusano...By the way, I used a few materials from this community, so credits to those who are kind enough to share it with us....Hope you guys will like it...


P.S: Its my first ever fanvid, so don't really expect anything professional...but comments will be very welcome indeed...XD

Tags: fanwork: video, requests

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